We use Mr. Dental and Schottlander products for our denture systems.

Enigma teeth

Enigma teeth not only accurately reproduce the wide range of shades, translucencies and vitality of natural teeth but also assure exceptional strength and durability in the mouth.

  • 17 shades A1-D4 including HBO
  • Internal mamelons
  • Blue/white opalescence and fluorescence
  • Darker necks
  • Canines darker
  • Demineralisation points

Natura teeth

Natura teeth are vital and natural in appearance and exceptionally strong and durable in the mouth.

  • Internal mamelon effects in both upper and lower central.
  • Naturally occurring blue/white opalescence and fluorescence especially visible in upper laterals.
  • Anterior aesthetics carried through to posterior teeth.

Delphic V Shades

For vitality and strength, renowned for their natural beauty, matching consistent outline and colour blending with exceptional strength and durability.

  • Available in the full 16 shades A1 –D4
  • Allows us to create the best aesthetic solution for your patients

Pegasus Plus Denture Base and Pegasus Plus Repair Acrylic

We have specifically chosen to use Pegasus Plus denture base so future additions have a very good gum work colour match, due to the matching repair acrylic.

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